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Connoisseur Single Origin Coffee

Connoisseur Single Origin Coffee

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Sick of producing mediocre coffee? Look no further...

We are so excited to announce the release of our latest specialty coffee, the Connoisseur Single Origin.

What is Single Origin, you say?

Single Origin beans are harvested from a single source, usually a specific region or country. When harvested from the one location, Single Origin coffee beans allow coffee connoisseur's the opportunity to taste an unaltered product, with its taste as pure as it can be.

Flavours, aroma and acidity are usually far more pronounced than regular beans.

But don't all coffee beans come from one location?

No!! Almost all coffee shops will be using a coffee blend. These coffees are made up of multiple beans from different origins. These in their own right produce great flavours and are thought to be more of a gentler, yet consistent taste - usually produced in large batches.

But if you really want a unique coffee experience, a single origin coffee is the best way to achieve this. No two batches will taste the same.

If you regard yourself a Coffee Connoisseur, then these beans are a must try. We have worked hard to make sure we are selling something that we're proud of and our Single Origin is simply delicious. Don't believe us? Try it out!

We have 1kg bags and convenient 250g bags for those who aren't sure if they quite want to commit (we get it!).

Locally roasted in Brisbane, this weeks' Single Origin comes from Brazil.

Notes of Pear, Jasmine, Black Tea, Cola.

This is a whole bean product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Zoe C.
Worth a try

The coffee is full of flavours, different to ur regular blend. It's a bit more pricey, but worth a try for the experience.

James A.
Unique experience

Never tasted anything like this before. It's a unique adventure in every cup. Really enhances my coffee experience.

Ella D.
Adds to my coffee choices

Tried this single origin and it's a refreshing change from regular blends. The taste is unique and interesting.

Harry X.
Brewtifully done!

This single origin coffee is brewtiful - it's like it knows how to hit my coffee sweet spot. My taste buds are throwing a party.

Jack E.
Great aroma

The aroma of this single origin fills up my kitchen every morning. It's a fantastic change.

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